Fare of the Free Child

Ep 248: Listening Party Replay for ‘A. is for Absences’

April 21, 2022 Akilah S. Richards Season 8 Episode 248
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 248: Listening Party Replay for ‘A. is for Absences’
Show Notes

Welcome #fofcpod fam! This episode is the continuation of our Listening Party Replay around the letter A (for Absences) in PAUSE. We’ll be inquiring more about what’s missing, understanding, compassion, and boundaries as we navigate through the ups and downs that may arise from this PAUSEwerk. Domari of Positive and Purposeful Parenting is in da house along with Ana Maria, Lou, Antoinette, and Joni who joined us in the Live Chat. Let's get into it!

Domari named some of the things she has been noticing around her relationship with her children. The words that resonated the most for her were compassion and trust. She reflects on what compassion looks like for her and also questions the misconception around what productivity means, and how sometimes she had struggled by feeling bad and unproductive for resting, being “lazy”.

Boundaries do not require understanding

Our hosts chat about boundaries and the layers around them. Akilah mentions the struggles we might face with different parts of ourselves: the compassionate self (intuitive) vs the schoolish self, and mentioned the patois that needs to be created to hold our intentions, the other person’s intentions, and the thing we’re looking to create.

Akilah also shares the importance of trustwork, seeing relationships not as transactional/productive but as connections, as in what we notice together and what our healing work looks like.

This week’s pull from the Raising Free People practice deck revealed the Layer card (same card from the last pull):

  • Layer: If I can access grace in this moment, I may choose to offer it in honor of all the many layers that comprise this person I love. And if I do, might that be enough for me, for now?

Next week we’ll be having a deep conversation about U for understanding, but for now, Madd Question Askin’ time:

  • How can I check in with children about what they feel they need from me?
  • What's being communicated in this moment?
  • Which layer am I focusing on right now?
  • Which layer feels present?


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