Fare of the Free Child

Ep 250 - Listening party for ‘U. for Understanding’

May 04, 2022 Akilah S. Richards Season 8 Episode 250
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 250 - Listening party for ‘U. for Understanding’
Show Notes

Peace, #fofcpod fam! This week we’re still focused on the letter U for understanding as part of our P.A.U.S.E.werk. Domari (of Positive and Purposeful Parenting) and Akilah hosted the listening party, and Jonie, Reese, Ana Maria, and Erica joined live to share and hear feedback and touchpoints. Together, they reflected and inquired about our relationship with understanding, how autonomy and trust are intertwined, the many layers around discomfort, compassion, trust, and then some.

Let’s agree to disagree

Our two hosts reflect on what they’ve been noticing around their relationships and pause work, on the importance of taking the space to go through certain feelings, crying, for example, as a liberation practice. As our hosts speak and share their stories, pausing and understanding emerge as key components in the trust work that builds up community and healthy partnership.

Check some of the offerings the listeners gave us during this Listening Party Live Chat

“In my family, disagreement equals disrespect.” - Erica

“For me, I’ve been working on shedding the belief that needing to be understood equals being loved. I think I've tried so hard to get the members of my family to understand me when I think what I was really looking for was compassion, and not actually needing to be understood.” - Ana Maria

“I’m feeling into understanding so much more as a verb, it’s not a set destination, it’s movement, it shifts, morphs and transforms.” - Jonie

Careese shares some thoughts about Ieishah’s reflection on gentle parenting as a privilege. If you missed the previous episode you can replay it here Episode. 249: U for Understanding and get more details.

Then Akilah pulls a card from the Raising Free People practice deck:


Take up space, let them take up space too, practice allowing yourself and them to take up space, work it until it invites boundaries that work.

Remember that the Raising Free People Card Deck is available now, click here to order it.

Next week we will be talking about the S in P.A.U.S.E. for sorting or shedding, we will reflect on what’s good for your family and what might need releasing or re-imagining?


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