Fare of the Free Child

Ep 251: S. for Sorting and Shedding - What’s good for YOUR family?

May 11, 2022 Akilah S. Richards Season 8 Episode 251
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 251: S. for Sorting and Shedding - What’s good for YOUR family?
Show Notes

This week in Episode 251, we droppin’ gems around the S. in P.A.U.S.E. S. is for Sorting and Shedding. Domari (put her links here as usual) starts us off with a nursery rhyme remix to remind us about the side effects of neglecting to slow it on down sometimes!

This week, Akilah offers us seven distinctions between process and practice. She reminds us about a convo with Tiersa McQueen Think about what feels present, the models of living and learning that you practice, and what you might need to pivot away from or at least, revisit.

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Discovery as part of designing

Akilah points out the importance of questioning and deschooling our beliefs. Besides people’s consent, boundaries, and shared meanings as ways to invite understanding and trust, resistance feels like a key element in the mix, allowing us see (through our discomfort) what we might need to shift.

“That pushback, that resistance—my children’s as well as my own—has been like a magnifying glass for all of us to examine (sometimes in painstaking motherf*kin’ detail) what might need shedding, what might need sorting and what might need shoring up.” - Ep 251


Practice is:

  • Ongoing ritual
  • Wisdom-centered
  • Agile and varied
  • Done for acceptance and integration
  • Inner ecology-focused (it can include useful healthy external influence but it doesn’t rely on it)
  • Centering and now-y (even when unpleasant)
  • Does not always come as a result of a process

Process is:

  • Repetitive action
  • Seeking-centered (I don’t have what I need and I need to go find it somewhere else)
  • Rigid and particular
  • Done for discovery of how to do a thing “right”
  • Validation focused (often includes potentially toxic external influence)
  • Extractive and should-y (even when easy)
  • Can help inform a healthy practice

Check Tiersa McQueen’s insights around Practice Vs Process in Episode 211: A Feel Trip Recap about Process vs Practice.


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