Fare of the Free Child

Ep 257: Spirituality and Intuition in This Self-directed Life

November 08, 2022 Akilah S. Richards / Chemay Morales James Season 9 Episode 257
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 257: Spirituality and Intuition in This Self-directed Life
Show Notes

This is the first episode of Season 9 and we’re delighted to dive into the work of shifting our spiritual and intuitive work to include our raising free people practice. This feels important because while some of us might already see the connection between our commitment to raising free people and the cultivation of our spiritual and intuitive practices, not all of us do. For some of us, the weight, pressure, and pace of our daily responsibilities make that particularly difficult to name, let alone practice. For some of us, the fatigue and frustrations that come with lack of community, for example, can have spiritual work feeling like a luxury we just don’t have time to get into. Our intention is that this season will offer you pockets of education and examples for how to begin exploring what spirituality and its first cousin, intuition, in your specific life and relationship work. And then, through that exploration, it is our hope that you can begin to clear away the not-it shit that’s taking up way too much space in your thoughts and actions, so that you can plant or nurture new seeds, seeds that align with your right and your connection to liberation work. This work is not just for, or because of our children. It is for us first, and then for all the relationship circles we are in, that require our nurturing.

Voices we’ll center this season:

With special guest conversations about Spiritual Technology by Jasai and Stori, the mother|daughter team behind Alaiyo Waistbeads


  1. Are we afraid to talk about manifestation in relation to raising free people?
  2. Is there something solid to this practice of believing something into existence?
  3. Is Self-Directed Education basically intuitive lead education since it is, in part about listening to our inner voice, and respecting that voice in children?
  4. Did Chemay Morales James create My Reflection Matters as a result of following her own intuition?
  5. When y’all feel connected to us, know that it’s because there is also a thing in you that is looking to connect
  6. When is it best to wait for answers before making a move, versus moving so that the answers can show up?


As you listen to this episode, let's think about the prompt that would help you think through your current imperfect conditions.

What would you describe as your version of “$2 status?”

What are some of the realities that you feel are stalling your ideal life design?

As you work through these prompts throughout the season,

start with questions that can bring deeper meaning.

Start thinking in questions.

This helps in the unearthing.

This helps loosen the roots and aerate them for growth on this journey.

This helps bring change.

It helps us reimagine the answers, and how we come to those answers, and what comes forth from the way we ask these new expansive questions.

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