Fare of the Free Child

Ep 231: New Moon, New Wounds, Same Resistance

October 06, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 231
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 231: New Moon, New Wounds, Same Resistance
Show Notes

This episode is so that we can bring some new moon energies as we understand them, to some of Akilah’s motherwork, to the ways that she is continuing to understand resistance from the perspective of her daughters resisting things, sometimes resisting her, but other times resisting things that she feels like they should not resist, things that they should accept, things that feel important or healthy for them to accept.

If you've been rocking with us here, you know we've talked about versions of this many times over in past episodes in terms of resistance as a roadmap. Also in terms of recognizing ourselves as oppressors (potentially and sometimes realized) in our relationships with children, particularly if we live with them.

This episode closes with #maddquestionaskin about resistance. Here are some of the questions that popped up for Akilah. Listen to the full episode for the full list.

  • Is resistance the problem? Or is it the map?
  • How might my excavation, exploration, invitations around this have helped me not to force my children to accept something I feel that they should accept? Or believe? Or know?
  • How have I resisted and how has my resistance saved me?
  • What has my resistance cost me?
  • What is my personal experience with resistance in children?
  • What am I willing to do with this experience of resistance?

(This particular question can be good for, at the moment, when you're in the middle of a space of resistance with a young person)

  • Do I recognize questioning as my right? As my responsibility?
  • Do I recognize questioning as a beautiful and necessary part of how my children evolve into themselves?


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