Fare of the Free Child

Ep 232: Learning (and Unlearning) Masculinity

October 13, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 232
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 232: Learning (and Unlearning) Masculinity
Show Notes

Welcome #fofcpod fam! We are so excited to share a new episode with our special host Anthony “Tony” Galloway Jr. This is Tony's third venture on the Fare of the Free Man Child series. If you missed the first two episodes go check them out:

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In this episode Tony and two of his college roommates, Anthony D. Janifer and Stanley D. Cochran Jr., explore their perspectives around masculinity and manhood. They question, among other topics, the way they perform their masculinity and the patterns and distinctions around it, they also speak about personal relationships, power relationships, dating, shadow work, gender, stereotypes, and sexuality. 

Defining manhood can be a tricky task, even more so when you live exposed to dominant stereotypes of what masculine or feminine bodies and attitudes are supposed to be. Tony and his friends chat about their experiences and the way each of their environments and families modeled or influenced them to think masculinity in certain ways.

What we are supposed to be | We don’t want to be “weak”

Vulnerability is seen as a weakness and something more characteristic of the feminine, this makes us question toxic masculinity. Is the version that we got around masculinity so narrow that it starts devaluing femininity? 

Men that embody certain mannerisms or sensitive attitudes tend to be mocked and categorized in a negative way as “less of a man.” Tony and friends discuss how these stereotypes make us more aware of the aspects within ourselves that we might shift just to fit in outdated “standards” that we must overcome. 

They also speak about feminine and masculine seen as energy and the balance in knowing when to show up, because Identity cannot be limited, it’s a wide spectrum of definitions and nuances, defined by culture and context.


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