Fare of the Free Child

Ep. 234: Kris joins Tony for the recap of #fofmanchild (Feel Trip)

October 27, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 234
Fare of the Free Child
Ep. 234: Kris joins Tony for the recap of #fofmanchild (Feel Trip)
Show Notes

We're closing out Tony Galloway's series on manhood and masculinity this week, and the convo, as usual, is fyah! Kris Richards joins Tony to wrap up this season's Fare of the Free (Man) Child series with reflections from past episodes and current events. The two talk about identity, adulthood, diversity, childhood, gender, manhood, power dynamics, masculinity, and some of the different labels around those topics. Because definitions are always going to be biased to our experiences, they discuss some of the ways their environment has molded them as they grew up, and reflect upon what they were taught compared to what they currently understand and feel about those definitions.

People's commitment to labels - Category is… Manhood

Tony and Kris also chat about the interactions that take place when we speak about power dynamics in manhood. They share their experiences and the way people label others in partnership, how people put so much trust in the traditional definitions of manhood and womanhood, and the issues therein.

Then they talk about masculinity and its categories. They mention that this definition keeps changing based on varying ideas about manhood, including who men "should" want attention from, and the need to perform certain “male” characteristics to feel accepted or validated by the otherness.

Marketing and shadow figures

Patriarchy and sexism leave serious damages in society, Tony talks about shadow figures that profit from polarizing and normalizing hegemonic discourses that benefit only a few.

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