Fare of the Free Child

Ep 235: Building the Very Things We Need

November 05, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 235
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 235: Building the Very Things We Need
Show Notes

Welcome to another #fofcpod episode! We hope that you enjoyed Fare of the Free (Man) Child series as much as we did. Thanks to Tony for co-producing these insightful conversations around masculinity, identity, adulthood, diversity, childhood, gender, and other topics that resonated with us. We had the chance to question, name things, deschool and discuss—it was so good, and so necessary!

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Nowadays, we are feeling surrounded by the energy of migration away from schoolishness and into more sovereign, more human-centered relationships. As we move forward in Season 7 you’ll be hearing more from our earthwide community, others well on their migration journeys, who have useful tools and toys for our journey. We’re here to share and offer resources for more self-directed ways as we’re raising and being free people.

We’re gonna go back in time and listen to a snippet from a previous Feel Trip that we had with Domari Dickinson in a convo with Tony Galloway. You can find the full conversation for free at patreon.com/akilah.

You'll also hear from Tebogo Modisane to listen as she spoke with us about a current project she and part of Limpopo’s community are working on in Mabose, South Africa. She describes it as a natural building adventure and her vision of sharing knowledge on plant-based nutrition, vitamins, and herb information to consumers. Tebogo recently acquired a small property where she plans to establish an organic and indigenous herb plantation, tree producing, storing, and agro-processing homestead called Ha Se Lehola. In this space, they will be offering education around plant identification, growing, and preparation of plant remedies. The products that have been in production include avocado seed

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