Fare of the Free Child

Ep 239: Vibin' off Māori Mother Wisdom (The 'Feedback' Episode)

December 02, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 239
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 239: Vibin' off Māori Mother Wisdom (The 'Feedback' Episode)
Show Notes


What does it mean to own your sense of sovereignty?

Welcome to another #fofcpod episode. As you know we’re in the thick of the wonderful Māori Mother Wisdom series, and are vibrating with gratitude for your engagement with us, in all of this goodness. We kick off this episode with feedback from author, speaker, activist and educator Sonya Renee Taylor who has been listening to this series and loving it! We also share some feedback we’ve gotten from Jonie, Yolande, Got2BOshun, and Kateri (thank y'all!). Then Akilah and Ieishah Clelland-Lang revisit some gems from these previous conversations, and speak about migration, reparenting, echolocation (yes, chile!), unschooling, and then some.

Don’t miss our Feel Trip to close out the Māori Mother Wisdom series, where Akilah and Ieishah will kick it with the Village family, and a few of our series guests are slated to join the chat. It's happening Friday, December 3rd. Join our Podcast Village so you don’t miss any of our Feel Trip invitations.

Akilah pulled a card from one of the Raising Free People practice decks:

Reparenting: “No way around it, so gather some resources around your pain and change and growth and self-trust so that you can move out of situation and into self.”


Akilah reflects on what moving away means, centering migration as a keyword in this conversation. They speak about looking back and respecting the past versions of themselves, appreciating the wisdom each has brought to them. What does it mean to move away from the elements of parenting that we were raised with? What positives and difficulties are implicit in quitting the parts that don't resonate with us? What is the cost we pay to seek our authentic selves? What are we currently moving away from?

“Reparenting ourselves is not about what happened back then, but about what we have the right and the wisdom to do now.”

Location system - Migrating into our authentic self

Ieishah and Akilah talk about how the ability to "locate" ourselves in certain situations can be a form of good resistance, to how the knowledge of why we must observe, listen and question different mindsets and ideas, it’s a never-ending process that evolves and changes all the time.

“Trust, resistance, education, that’s how I can put my understanding into practice”. Akilah S. Richards

Reclaiming culture: Take and give back

Ieishah and Akilah speak to the relevance of culture and nature as key points in unschooling, and Ieishah brings more insights from her related experience at the unschooling camp in Aotearoa. They chat about the "intelligence energies" that come through the collective, as well as the importance of knowing when to be a witness, and how to "trust first."

Check our Liberation Walk and a picture with the card that Akilah pulled at raisingfreepeople.com/239

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