Fare of the Free Child

Ep 240: Series closing: Māori Mother Wisdom

December 09, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 240
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 240: Series closing: Māori Mother Wisdom
Show Notes

This week on #fofcpod we are closing the Māori Mother Wisdom series about liberation-centered parenting and living. We've had the pleasure of connecting with Māori stories from Mea Rapata, Angella Smith, Moana Reihana, and Tina Talaić. These are select excerpts from our feel trip (live group meetups about our episodes), where Akilah and our series co-producer, Ieishah Clelland-Lang, vibed with Mea, Angella, and some of our Village family. We reflect on the importance of the trustworthiness of feelings, and the levels of connection that live inside active listening, and non-verbal language, as well as other kinds of human technology like collaboration, echolocation, identity and community-building.

Who we innately are - The Energy of Feelings

  • how aspects of Māori spaces have been compromised by colonialism
  • the significance of going back into a knowledge space that recognizes connection to land, ancestors and relationships
  • an intrinsic feeling and connection to their original epistemologies.

“We don't have to compress what we are in order to be together”. Akilah S Richards

Angella also points out the sacredness of their indigenous language Te Reo Māori (Māori language) and how important it is to speak up and take action to keep the integrity and the sacredness. We also chat about identity and the mindful work of looking at your indigeneity, and looking beyond the labels so it can open up spaces to regenerate, heal, and identify with authenticity.

In case you haven’t heard the previous conversations we’ve had on this topic, be sure to listen to Māori Mother Wisdom series from the start:

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Don’t miss next week’s episode! We will start another series of conversations with Marley, an unschooler and SDE advocate who will chat about language. See y’all soon!


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