Fare of the Free Child

Ep 243: Seasonal Slow-downs and Shoutouts

December 31, 2021 Akilah S. Richards Season 7 Episode 243
Fare of the Free Child
Ep 243: Seasonal Slow-downs and Shoutouts
Show Notes

Ending season 7 with gratitude, reminders, and major writing mojo

Closing out season seven with major gratitude for you, #fofcpod fam! Your feedback and encouragement have been part of an active listening practice that opens up our mindset to different possibilities as we grow this village of/for people raising and being free people. This episode brings us some resources, reminders, and clues of what’s to come in season eight. See you in a few months!

Here are the Season 7 series in case you missed any episodes:

Fare of the Free (Man) Child series: Co-produced with Tony Galloway's series on manhood and masculinity.

Episode 224: Deschooling Adulthood with Tony Galloway

Episode 232: Learning (and Unlearning) Masculinity

Episode 233: Deschooling Manhood and Masculinity

Episode 234: Kris joins Tony for the recap of #fofmanchild (Feel Trip)

Māori Mother Wisdom series: Co-produced with Ieishah Clelland-Lang liberation-centered parenting and living.

Episode 237: On Māori Mother Wisdom (The Language Episode)

Episode 238: On Māori Mother Wisdom (The ‘Old Knowings’ Episode)

Episode 239: Vibin’ off Māori Mother Wisdom (The ‘Feedback’ Episode)

Episode 240: Series Closing: Māori Mother Wisdom

Some announcements and reminders

  • Thanks to our Make It Happen Family. There are already 252 of you and we deeply appreciate it!
  • Raising Free People book was translated into Spanish version, shout out to Ruben, Citlali, Isabel, Abby, Kris, and Miguel!
  • Shout out #fofcpod core team: Juan Pablo, Daniela, Kris, Fatima, Vanessa, Romain, Marley, David and Vicki; Co-producers: Tony Galloway and Ieishah Clelland-Lang
  • Shawna Murray-Browne, a liberation-centered integrative psychotherapist will be part of SDE weekend. Akilah will be there with many other folks sharing great experiences and content around Self-Directed Education. Be sure to check in from 7th – 9th of January 2022

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In addition to Fare of the Free Child Podcast, Audio by Raising Free People Network produces other podcasts from which we hear some updates throughout this final episode of the season.

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